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For over 23 years The Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers has dedicated itself to providing clients with high quality, aggressive and caring legal services and representation. Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers graduated with a BA from Tougaloo College (Cum Laude) and received her JD from Thurgood Marshall School of Law (Texas Southern University).

Personal Injury, Criminal and Business Law are Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers areas of focus. With a collaborating team of experienced and highly qualified attorneys, The Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers works diligently to achieve maximum results for every client.

African American Attorney in Houston

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The Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers takes a very upfront and honest approach to assess potential client’s circumstances. Our communication style is open, honest and direct. We leave out the legal jargon and speak in terms our clients can understand. Each client is handled with an individualistic and personal approach.
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We have a well-deserved reputation of successfully getting the job done and getting results! She has settled a variety of cases and some are highlighted as follows:

Wrongful Death Automobile accident Case: Settled for over $1.2 million dollars and the client took home $700,000 in their pocket.

Wrongful Death Automobile Accident Case (unborn child): Settled for over $500,000 and the client took home over $250,000 in their pocket.

• Nail Shop Case (botched manicure that lead to leg amputation): Settled for over $300,000 and client took home over $100,000 cash and a life-time annuity.

Car Accident (Minor property damage): Settled for over $128,000 and resulted in an extremely happy and life-time client.

Car Accident (knee replacement): Settled for over $150,000 and a client who hasn’t stopped referring new clients.

• 18-Wheeler Accident (no surgery or broken bones): Settled for over $115,000.

• Train Accident (no surgery or broken bones): Settled for 1 year loss wages and approximate $100,000. Client took home his loss wages and over $50,000.