Best Hispanic Community Auto Accident Attorney in Houston Texas

Best Hispanic Community Auto Accident Attorney in Houston Texas

With the growing number of Hispanics in the workplace and the increase of auto accidents’ causing injuries and deaths to Hispanic workers; It is more important than ever for Hispanics to be properly represented in auto accident cases as well as any other area of law.

Hispanics have strong cultural pride and there is large diversity with the Hispanic community.  There are many shared traits within this culture that a fair and equitable attorney with a strong sense of the Hispanic heritage should cater to. Few attorneys can appreciate the needs of a Hispanic client when they don’t understand culture. Every client receives just representation.  However, there are certain nuances a great attorney must understand within the community. For example, studies have shown Hispanics are very family-oriented and have a different value and perception of privacy or confidentiality outside the family.  Also, the family structure is usually extended beyond the nuclear family. When representing a Hispanic family, a good Auto Accident Attorney and their firm should  be well grounded in understanding the needs of a Hispanic client who’s been injured in an auto accident.


Auto Accidents are life-changing experiences. Whether it’s a major accident with an 18 wheeler that caused serious personal injury or an accident without a scrape or bruise, No one ever leaves the accident without damage; physical or emotional. It can be very stressful trying to determine what are your rights in an auto accident.  If there is a language barrier, you’ve been too hurt to speak with someone or you just don’t trust anyone will understand your needs; it can be extremely stressful as well as a long process without an attorney to represent you and your family.If you or someone in your family has been injured in an auto accident contact a law firm that is known to understand your needs.  Use an attorney who will be responsive, fast acting with the insurance company and understands your language requirement.


At the Caruthers Law Firm, Attorney Beverly Caruthers has focused the firm on helping Hispanic clients win their cases against insurance companies as a result of an auto accident.  Attorney Caruthers and her staff understands you need someone who will be a champion for you and get the maximum amount for your injuries due to the Auto Accident. Our firm is not only Spanish speaking our employees are part of the community. We are one of the Best Hispanic Community Auto Accident attorneys in Houston Texas.  

We take great pride in representing our clients and their families. Our job is to get you the maximum amount of money for your injuries. Call us at the Caruthers Law Firm 713-526-9557


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