Drunk Driver Injury Lawyer in Houston

Drunk Driver Injury Lawyer in Houston

It is the responsibility of anyone who drives to know when they have had enough alcohol. With driving services such as Uber and Lyft on the rise there is becoming less and less of a reason for anyone has drank at all to drive. Drunk driving is on of the top causes we see for car accident in Houston, Texas. This is such an enormous tragedy because alcohol related car accidents are completely preventable.


Drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a car directly contributes to thousands of car accidents in Texas every single year. These accidents can be extremely serious, and unfortunately sometimes even life-threatening.


Beyond just physical injuries, injuries caused by a drunk driver can result in additional issues, like post traumatic stress disorder, loss of wages, and more. Whenever you are injured from a drunk driver, even though the law is on your side, it can be difficult to get the amount of compensation you deserve for you injuries. When handled by an experienced personal injury attorney, such as Beverly R. Caruthers, compensation in these types of cases can be significant.


Drunk Drivers Are Dangerous

Unfortunately, a harsh reality is far too many drivers underestimate their level of intoxication and endanger the other people on the road. The Houston Police Department is on the lookout for drunk drivers but this does not eliminate all of the dangers of drunk drivers on the road. There are many common types of erratic driving patterns that have been observed over the years. If you see any of the following signs keep your distance from these drivers:

– Excessive swaying or swerving in and out of their lanes
– Abrupt and unnecessary braking
– Exceeding or driving under the assigned speed limit
– Forgetting to turn on lights or use turn signals appropriately
– Driving the wrong way on one-way roads
– Failing to react to slowing traffic or obstacles
– Ignoring traffic signals or stop signs


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