Hispanic Attorney Houston

Hispanic Attorney Houston

Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.  The Hispanic community is the primary contributor to Houston’s growth.  The community comprises of 43 percent of the city’s overall population. It is now the second largest Hispanic community in the United States.


With the growth of the community and its workers and the lack efficient mass transit opportunities in Houston, Hispanic workers are forced to use their personal vehicles to travel to work. As the saying goes, “where there are more cars on the road, accidents will inevitably follow”.  


If you’re Hispanic and have been injured as the result an auto accident, finding an attorney dedicated to helping Hispanic individuals and families recover compensation, can be difficult.  The Beverly R. Caruthers Law firm specializes in securing compensation for Hispanic client’s injuries as a result of an auto accident. The firm is Spanish speaking and bilingual and equipped to help Hispanic families  sort out the difficulties associated with auto accidents.


What really makes the difference in The Beverly R. Caruthers Law Firm is the  willingness to do everything it takes to help their Hispanic clients win. The Law firm understands and has the courage to stand up to some of the biggest and strongest insurance companies.  The Beverly R. Caruthers law firm knows a Hispanic attorney in Houston can never back down.


The firm believes that Hispanic clients matter. The Beverly R. Caruthers Law Firm has successfully represented Hispanics against insurance companies for decades.  We understand when people are hurt, they deserve more than an apology from the negligent driver. Every client deserves high quality medical care for their injuries and the compensation to support it. Without it, injuries can turn into lifelong disabilities; expenses turn into life long debt and families break under the pressure.


The Beverly R. Caruthers Law Firm was built to make sure those hardships never happen to injured auto accident victims.  Our firm’s goal is to provide Hispanic families with a great chance to move forward with their lives. If you’re Hispanic and injured as result of an auto accident, don’t delay calling The Beverly R. Caruthers Law Firm today.



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