How Long After An Accident Can You Get Whiplash

How Long After An Accident Can You Get Whiplash

We hear the term whiplash enough to be familiar that it is an injury or discomfort, that is associated with the neck. However, unless you have actually experienced whiplash there is a good chance your knowledge on the topic does not go much further than that.


So what is whiplash?

Whiplash is a specific injury that affects the muscles and ligaments of the neck. This injury can lead to discomfort and has the ability to affect mobility of the neck for the person who is injured.


How do you get whiplash?

While there are many different ways someone can get whiplash, such as while playing sports, riding a rollercoaster, or engaging in a physical confrontation, the most common cause of whiplash is being involved in a car accident. The reason car accidents lead to whiplash in so many situations is because you are traveling forward at a high speed then are jerked rapidly backwards and then forward with a strong force. This sudden and intense movement can cause the soft tissue in your neck to overextend, leading to strain, stretching, and in some cases even tearing.


When will whiplash symptoms appear?

Every accident and injury is unique to the situation and person who is affected. Whiplash injuries can be extremely diverse, some people will have immediate symptoms following the accident, while others may not show symptoms for awhile. Some accident survivors will not feel the effects of the accident for days or even weeks.


Even though everyone is different, for the average whiplash injury symptoms will appear within the first 24 hours following the accident. Below are the most common symptoms associated with a whiplash injury:

-Neck pain
-Stiff neck muscles
-Headache at the base of the skull
-Blurred vision

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