Trusted Personal Attorney for Hispanics in Houston TX

Trusted Personal Attorney for Hispanics in Houston TX

As the climate changes for Hispanic immigrants in the United States due to the current administration, Hispanics feel there are few Americans to trust when it comes to business, social justice and more.  


In a most recent Pew Survey of Hispanics in the United State, many say the situation of mistrust in the US has worsened for people of their ethnicity in the past year. This number is up from about a third just after the 2016 elections. Many Hispanics are insecure about their place in the United States with the current administration. The study also shows, over 6 in 10 are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country.  This rate is the highest since the 2008.


Many no longer trust the American Government and some find it unsafe in the cities where they reside.  As a result, very few Hispanics come forward when there has been a crime and/or offense committed against them.  


This holds true in the case of auto accidents. Many Hispanics refuse to come forward to hold the offender accountable for the auto accident. As the study reflected, Hispanics do not trust in a system where they feel minimally represented.  


If you are Hispanic and have suffered a personal injury in an auto accident, trust the Beverly R. Caruthers Law Firm to fully and aggressively represent you and your loved ones.  Beverly R. Caruthers has been a trusted personal injury attorney for Hispanics in Houston Texas for many years. She understands that sensitivity; care and concern are always for her auto accident clients.  The Beverly R. Caruthers law firm knows that insurance companies are tough and it takes a strong lawyer to protect you and your family.


The Beverly R. Caruthers Law firm takes extra steps in ensuring Hispanic clients are accommodated. The firm speaks Spanish, preserves the strong bond of family and protects you and your loved ones from any intimidation from insurance companies. The Beverly R. Caruthers laws firm has an outstanding record of proven results in getting their clients compensation for personal injuries as a result of an auto accident.


Beverly R. Caruthers is a trusted personal injury attorney for Hispanics in Houston, Texas.  She will get you compensation you deserve for personal injuries due to an auto accident. Call 713-526-9557



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