Top Black Attorneys in Houston

Top Black Attorneys in Houston

For nearly a quarter of a century, The Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers has made it’s mission providing clients with the highest quality, aggressive and compassionate legal help and representation.



Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Tougaloo College with honors. Tougaloo College is a private, historically black Liberal Arts Institution of higher education with a rich history in the African American Community. Founded in 1869 by New York Christians with the goal of educating African Americans who escaped slavery and also providing their children with educations.  

After completing her Bachelor of Arts, Beverly R. Caruthers received her Juris Doctor degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, an ABA-accredited law school in Houston. Thurgood Marshall School of Law is part of Texas Southern University. Texas Southern University’s history also has deep racial roots. In 1946, Thurgood Marshall, tried a lawsuit, brought on by Heman M. Sweatt, demanding indemnity for racial minority groups. The Texas Constitution mandated separate but equal facilities for white and black students but Herman M. Sweatt was denied entry to the University of Texas Law of Law for being black. The Texas Senate then passed Bill 140, which established a university of higher learning in law, pharmaceuticals, dentistry, journalism, education, literature, medicine and other professional courses. In 1946, “Texas State University for Negroes,” was opened, changing it’s name five years later to Texas Southern University in 1951.


Areas of Practice 

At The Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers, we have a strong reputation for being the leaders when it comes to representing cases involving 18-wheeler related accidents, business law, car accidents, criminal defense, personal injury, wrongful death and more. Don’t just take our word for it, look at our proven record of success.  

-18-Wheeler Accident: Settled for over $350,000 and a client who hasn’t stopped referring new clients. 

-Wrongful Death Automobile Accident: Settled for over $1.2 million dollars and the client took home $700,000 in their pocket. 

-Nail Shop Case: Settled for over $300,000 and client took home over $100,000 cash and a life-time annuity.


Areas of Service 

We proudly serve The Houston Greater Area, including but not limited to BaytownConroeCrosby, Humble, HuntsvilleLake Jackson, Missouri City, PasadenaSpring and Tomball. 



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