4 Things You Do Not Know About Car Accidents

4 Things You Do Not Know About Car Accidents

While we are all familiar with what a car accident is, there is plenty surrounding these incidents that the average person does not know or understand. Below is a list of some of the most common things people do not know about car accidents:


Just Because You’re Not Given A Ticket, Doesn’t Mean You’re Not At-Fault: That’s right! Just because a police officer lets you leave the scene of the accident without writing you a ticket, this does not mean you are free of guilt! There are many variables that go into determining who is at fault in a complex accident. If there is bad weather, if it is dark, if there are more than two vehicles involved, etc. This may make the offices decide it is best to leave determining the guilt to insurance companies.


“No Fault” Insurance Does Not Mean You Aren’t Responsible: By the name of this insurance, you can easily understand why so many people incorrectly assume it means that no one is held responsible for causing the accident. This however, is not the case. No-fault insurance means that regardless which party is at fault, they will both handle their claim with their own insurance company. This allows you to seek financial compensation without having to track down and deal with the other person’s insurance company.


How To Handle A Hit-and-Run Accident: Whenever someone collides into your vehicle, they are legally obligated to pull over and check in with you. This, obviously, goes for if you hit another driver as well. If you happen to be the victim and someone collides into you, then flees the scene try to record as much information about their vehicle as you can. Color, make, and model but also bumper stickers, broken pieces, anything that makes the vehicle unique. Them, call the police immediately. If anyone around stops to help you, also have them give a statement to police.


You Can Talk To A Lawyer First: Before calling your insurance company, or giving a statement to the other person’s insurance company you are allowed to call your lawyer! Calling an experienced lawyer, such as Beverly R. Caruthers will help you avoid making a mistake or saying something that may come back to hurt your case, down the road.


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