Can My Attorney Talk To Insurance Adjusters For Me?

Can My Attorney Talk To Insurance Adjusters For Me

Getting in a car accident can lead to physical, emotional, and financial difficulties that can be complex to overcome on your own. Luckily, when you work with an experienced car accident lawyer you are working with someone who is advocating for your best interest. Your personal injury attorney is there to help you avoid making some of the most common mistakes that can disrupt your case and impact the compensation you receive for your injuries.

Additionally, working with an experienced personal injury attorney means you do not have to speak directly with insurance adjusters. This is extremely helpful because insurance adjusters will work hard to talk you into circles and discredit your injuries. They may ask you to provide too much information, such as your medical records, which can be used against you.

Your attorney can help provide a statement to insurance companies by doing a recorded statement or speaking for you. If you are unsure of the advantages of working with an attorney in your case, call the Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers today to speak to an attorney for a free consultation for your auto accident.


How Soon Should I Speak To A Lawyer After My Accident?

When you have been injured in a car accident, especially in an accident where defining the at-fault party may be difficult, you should speak with your attorney immediately. The sooner you are able to reach out and inform an attorney about the circumstances surrounding your case the more direction they will be able to provide to help you avoid making pitfalls that can negatively impact the outcome of your situation. Call our law firm today to protect yourself and move forward with your case.


No Cost, No Obligation Car Accident Consultation

Our team provides no cost, no obligation car accident consultations for all of our clients. We can help you navigate your options and work to recover all the compensation you are entitled to under the law. Car accidents leave you vulnerable, especially if you can’t work. Let us answer your questions, file the paperwork, and demand what’s right in your case today. We offer free, no-obligation case consultations to help you determine what your options are moving forward. We understand how devastating car accidents can be for you and your family, this is why we do everything we can to help you get the results you need for the compensation you deserve.


Spanish Legal Services After Car Accident

At the Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers, we work to provide solutions for all victims of car accidents. Our team recognizes the large Spanish-speaking population in our communities and actively works with these victims to find justice in their case. Language should never be a barrier for seeking justice in your personal injury case. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and is in need of Spanish-speaking legal advice, our team can provide this. We make it easy for those who have been injured in car accidents to navigate their case and the legal system without fear of prejudice. Schedule your free car accident consultation with Attorney Caruthers today. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are being met and that you are getting the treatment you deserve in your car accident case. Speak with our attorney when you fill out our no-cost, no-obligation contact form.


Best Car Accident Attorney in Houston Area

If you have been injured, experienced loss of income, or are unable to work because of a car accident, you can benefit from the services of a Houston car accident expert in your personal injury case. Whether you missed work due to an injury or due to not having access to a vehicle, Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers can help you! Our team works hard to bring the most efficient and practical solutions to your car accident case. Beverly R. Caruthers proudly serves and defends the Greater Houston area including but not limited to Baytown, Conroe, Crosby, Humble, Huntsville, Lake Jackson, Missouri City, Pasadena, Spring, Tomball. Our legal team is bilingual and offers Spanish speaking legal counsel for all of our clients. If you need legal representation following an incident don’t hesitate to contact Beverly R. Caruthers Law Office!



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