Hispanic Community Car Accident Attorney in Houston TX

Hispanic Community Car Accident Attorney Houston TX

What to do if you’re injured in a Car Accident

No one ever wants the looming thought of a car accident.  For that matter preparing to have one. However, studies have shown most folks who’ve been injured in a care accident are never prepared for the shock, fear and uncertainty.   Experts say although a person never wants to experience the trauma of an accident, it is always safe and in your best interest to prepare if the unfortunate circumstance occurs.

Please consider the helpful tools below.


If a distracted driver causes car accident and you’re injured, call 911 right away. This will alert the police and emergency medical team to the accident site particularly if there are injures.   If you’re able to move your car to the shoulder activate your hazard lights so that others drivers know your car is disabled. This will prevent another possible accident.


Move away from the vehicle: If you’re unable to move the vehicle, get out immediately. If there are passengers, alert them as well.  Some damaged vehicles have leaks of flammable liquids than can erupt in fire. If there’s a chance liquids are spilling, move away from the vehicle for your safety.  


If a fire is not imminent move your vehicle and turn off the engine, place in park and engage the emergency breaks to ensure the car cannot move.  Remember, if you have passengers, once you’ve secured the car and assessed your own injures, check on your passengers and have them leave the vehicle as well.  Move to a safer area away from the vehicle.


Call the police to confirm they’re arriving with EMTs.  Filing a police report when you’ve been injured in car accident is a value tool when reporting the information to your insurance company or your lawyer.  The reports include but limited to the identity of the driver who caused the accident, the location, time, if you went to the hospital, who the passengers were and more.


Take Pictures: Maintaining a photo record of the accident is very important.  Photographs your vehicle’s damage, the other driver’s with the license plate.  Take a wide shot of the entire area including the vehicle at the collision site.  This will bode well for your case to prove the other’s driver’s negligence.


Document Vital Information:  List all parties in the accident, the other driver’s name and license.  Take a picture of the driver’s license if possible. Secure a copy of the driver’s insurance, record the license plate, and get names of possible witnesses. Last, write the location of the accident and get the police officer’s badge number.


Call an Attorney:  It’s important to hire an attorney from the onset of the accident.  Your attorney will take the information you’ve gathered, secure a copy of your police report and contact all necessary parties to start working on your case.  Often times, victims of auto accidents have sustaining injuries. Your attorney will know what to do to assist in medical claims, issues with repairing your car and any lost wages incurred as a result of your injury.


If you suffered injures as a result of a car accident by a negligent driver, contact the Beverly R. Caruthers Law Office.  Our firm specializes in car accidents. We’ve spent many years representing the Hispanic community and understand the difficulties of negotiating with insurance companies on your own.  Our firm is bilingual and equipped to handle all of the complexities. We know what’s needed and will get you compensation for all of your losses. Don’t delay contact the Beverly R. Caruthers Law Office today.



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