How Do I Protect My Assets From A Car Accident?

How Do I Protect My Assets From A Car Accident?

For most Houston drivers, the highest potential risk factor for liability in their lives comes from car accidents. This is because accidents happen every day and have the ability to cause extreme physical and financial damage to a person or their property. While there is not much you can do to protect yourself from being at fault in an accident, except driving cautiously, there are things you can do to protect yourself from being financially devastated in an auto collision. Listed below are some tips for those wondering, “How do I protect my assets from a car accident?”


Assign One Driver Per Vehicle: Unfortunately, for many households around America, vehicles are shared with multiple members of the household which can make this advice difficult to follow. However, if it is possible to limit the vehicles used by your family to one driver each, this can be an extremely helpful way to limit your potential liability. A prime example of this is saying you have a college-aged child who has a vehicle only they use, but for whatever reason, this vehicle’s title is not in their name, any accident they are involved in can come back to the titleholder of the vehicle. Your college-aged student may not have much value in their assets, but you do and are now vulnerable to having your assets preyed upon.


Umbrella Liability Insurance Coverage: A more common trend with drivers looking to protect themselves and their assets is liability insurance coverage. Umbrella liability insurance provides drivers with personal liability protection that exceeds what your car insurance policy offers. If you are unsure if umbrella liability coverage is a good idea for your family, contact your insurance company and ask them about the maximum liability coverage you have in the event of a car accident.


While driving safe and sober, obeying traffic laws, and keeping our vehicles well maintained can go a long way to decreasing our risk factors for being involved in or at fault for a car accident, there is no guarantee this will protect drivers. It does not matter how prepared you are, accidents happen every day and the consequences that come along with them can be devastating. Take these steps to protect you, your family, and your assets from being drained in the event of an auto accident.


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