How Important Is Having A Witness After a Car Accident?

How Important Is Having A Witness After a Car Accident?

Car accident cases are rarely as simple as they seem. Even if you feel that it is a clear and obvious case that another driver was at-fault for your accident, the burden of proof can weigh heavily on an individual, especially without the help of an experienced car accident attorney. An excellent way to strengthen your car accident case is with the help of one or multiple corroborating witnesses. 


So, how important is having a witness after a car accident?

Following your accident, having a reliable witness to back up your claims for how the accident occurred, to provide evidence the other driver was at-fault can be very helpful in your case. It makes sense that those who are involved in the accident, the defendants and plaintiffs, will want to place the blame on the other driver. However, a witness tends to be a neutral third-party, a bystander who has no previous relation with the drivers, therefore has no reason to manipulate the narrative to fault one driver over another. A witness statement supporting your case can be powerful ammunition in your case, something that will not be taken lightly by most jurors. They know these witnesses have nothing to win or lose based on the outcome of your claim, which helps to make them believable parties in your case. 


Who can serve as a witness in my car accident case?

Most often, a witness in a car accident will be someone who was either driving alongside the vehicles when they collided, or were on foot and in eyeshot of the accident when it occurred. This leaves the door open to many people serving as a witness in your case including individuals in parking lots, those exiting or entering businesses nearby, road workers, someone walking their dog, and even passengers present in one of the vehicles involved in the accident. Additionally, individuals who pull off the road to offer assistance after witnessing the accident may be asked for a statement.


How do I get a witness to help me in my car accident case?

Your priority following a car accident should always be your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of anyone else involved in the car accident. If you feel that you and everyone else involved in your car accident are in stable condition and moved out of harm’s way, the quest for a witness should begin. Survey the area, do you see anyone around who may have witnessed your accident? This can be anyone who pulled off the road, anyone standing near the scene, and those in parked cars around you. 


If another driver was the reason for your car accident, approach your potential witness and ask the witness if they saw the accident the same way that you did. A witness who seems unsure, or believes the other party was not at-fault will not serve as a good witness on your behalf. When you approach a potential witness make sure to identify yourself and to try to be as collected with your thoughts as possible. Emotions can be high following an accident, you may have a powerful surge of adrenaline, making it difficult to calmly communicate. Take a deep breath and focus on being polite and patient with your potential witness, as you are trying to ask for their help in your case, when they are not obligated to provide it. 


If the witness supports your version of events surrounding the car accident and is willing to provide a witness statement, you will want to collect their personal information. This information should include their full name, their address, phone number, email address, and any other information that may be relevant to your case, such as where they were located when the accident occurred and what they claim to have seen. Additionally, you can record a statement from the witness from your smartphone if they agree to this. While having a recorded or written statement may help your witness to recall the series of events they witnessed in your accident, it is not necessary to get an official statement from them at this time. Once you have all of their contact information let them know how much their time means to you and let them know you plan to reach out to them in the near future. 


How does a car accident attorney help me provide powerful statements from my witnesses?

Taking a credible witness and having them prepare a statement that is suitable for your case requires experience and knowledge for how these cases go. When you work with Attorney Caruthers, you have over 30 years of experience on your side. Attorney Caruthers will help you build your case by reaching out to each witness you have to gather information from them. These witnesses will be asked to share their account of the accident, including what happened, what they saw, and any details they noticed that are relevant to your case. Any information deemed helpful will be recorded in order to preserve it for the future. 


These recorded statements will not be taken under oath, so in a legal proceeding, settlement, or lawsuit this alone may not be enough evidence from your witness. All information that supports your case is worth gathering as it may play into your case down the road. A formal deposition, which records the witness’s statement under oath, can be more helpful in a later legal proceeding. However, legally your attorney will not be able to share this statement with you without also sharing it with the defense attorney. For this reason, your attorney may not want to share the deposition of a witness with you until your case goes to trial. You can rest easy though knowing your attorney will never submit a deposition that has the potential to hurt your case or contradict your account of events. 


Even once your attorney has taken a formal deposition from your witness, you may wonder, how effective can this statement really be? There are many factors that go into determining the effectiveness of a witness statement. The defense attorney may work hard to find information that discredits your witness, attacking their character, position, or interest in helping make your case. If there are any inconsistencies between what your witness says in the deposition, then in their original statement, the defense will use this to invalidate their account of events. Additionally, if there are other witnesses who have different opinions on how the events played out, or your witness was a distance away from the accident when it occurred, this can be used as ammunition against their credibility, lowering the effectiveness of your witnesses testimony. 


Do witnesses have to speak with the insurance company?

Before a car accident case will ever go to trial, witness statements may be given to an insurance company’s adjusters. The insurance adjusters will reach out to your witnesses and ask each of them to give a statement that is recorded, while they are questioned about the accident. Most often these questions will be used to determine if the witness has any prior relationship with you before the crash, as well as if they stand to gain anything financial or otherwise by you winning the case. If your car accident case in Houston is not able to be settled by negotiation with the insurance company and is sent to trial, witness statements given to insurance companies may not be helpful in your case. This is because legally, a witness’s statement is deemed hearsay and might not be admissible in court. Additionally, the witness must appear in-person to your court case in order to testify. With all of this said, having witnesses who support your version of events surrounding your accident can be helpful when dealing with an insurance company. Agreeable witnesses can get an insurance adjuster to take your claim more seriously and be more open to negotiating a fair settlement.


Can camera footage be used as a non-human witness in my case?

Video footage recorded of your car accident can be one of the single most important pieces of evidence in your car accident case. Of course, you will need the evidence to be clear and have a good vantage point in order to be useful for supporting your claims that you are not at-fault. Your attorney may check for surveillance footage from nearby businesses, homeowners, and other potential entities. Many business owners have security systems that keep a continued feed of the areas located in front of their business. In some cases, this may include the street view of where your accident took place. 


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Working with an experienced car accident attorney can protect you from insurance companies that actively work against victims in order to minimize their claims of injury for compensation. Insurance companies will begin to work against you from the first conversation they have, they have teams of people looking for ways to discredit your account of the accident and to collect information against you that may help them to lower your credibility and say the injuries you have were from before the accident. 


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