Medical Treatment After A Wreck in Houston

Medical Treatment After A Wreck in Houston
Car accidents can be chaotic and overwhelming for many people who are involved in them. Being in a situation where you are flooded with emotions like this can make it difficult to keep a clear head and make the right choices. This is why it is always recommended that after you are involved in a car accident in the Greater Houston area, you contact Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers. By calling Attorney Caruthers, she is able to get the specifics of your situation and provide you with comprehensive advice on what steps you should take and how to protect yourself from predatory insurance companies while seeking treatment.


Below are some common questions those involved in car accidents tend to have, immediately following the wreck:
Should I Call An Ambulance?
The only way to answer this question is to take into consideration the severity of your injuries. If you have been hurt to the point you cannot regularly function, such as with a broken bone, can’t walk, have been cut, are having difficulty moving your neck, etc. you should call an ambulance. Keep in mind, calling an ambulance gets you the quickest medical care. It is important, following an accident, to take your injuries seriously, as they can be a sign of something more serious that is not as easy to detect.


Should I Drive Myself To The Emergency Room?
It is never recommended immediately following a car accident to drive yourself. This is because your adrenaline will be pumping and while you may think you are feeling normal, your body will not necessarily agree with you. If you have an injury but do not think it is extreme enough to call an ambulance, you can have someone else drive you to the emergency room.


I Don’t Want To Go To The ER, Can I See My Primary Care Doctor?
This is a bit of a tricky question. It is important after an accident to not delay a medical examination. You want to be checked out the same day as the accident in order to ensure you will be compensated fairly. If you are able to get an appointment with your primary doctor the same day, this can work. However, your doctor may not be as fully equipped to examine you following an accident and there is a good chance they will refer you to the ER.


How Do I Pay For Medical Treatment I Receive?
You can reach out to your insurance company and ask them to provide you with a claim number so that you can have your doctor bill them directly. Depending on your accident and insurance plan, they may limit how much they will pay. This is another reason it is imperative to reach out to Attorney Caruthers as soon as possible following a car accident. If you have injuries that exceed $1,000 in treatment, you are in a position to pursue a claim against the other driver’s insurance company.


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