Negotiate Your Settlement with an Experienced Attorney

Negotiate Your Settlement with an Experienced Attorney

When it comes to filing a personal injury claim, it is important to prepare yourself for speaking with insurance adjusters. These individuals work against you when making a settlement offer, this is why it is helpful to negotiate your settlement with an experienced attorney on your side.

Attorney beverly R. Caruthers has over three decades of experience helping her clients seek compensation through settlement negotiation. The settlement process can be long and complicated, when you work with our law firm we are there every step of the way. We provide free consultations with a top level personal injury attorney so that you can protect yourself.

Listed below are some tips shared by Legal Desire that can help you get the most out of your personal injury settlement.

Do Not Delay the Claim Process

Begin the claim process as soon as possible after the accident. This will give you the best chance to get the total amount of compensation that you are entitled to. The longer you wait, the more likely evidence will be lost, or witnesses’ memories will fade.

Determine the total damages to establish a baseline for negotiation. It should include the cost of present and future medical treatment, lost wages, and other costs associated with your physical and mental recovery, lifestyle changes, and any other economic damages. You will also need to factor in pain and suffering, which can be more challenging to quantify.

Get all relevant documentation in order before beginning negotiations. The documents needed include:

  • police reports
  • medical records
  • bills
  • witnesses’ testimonies
  • video records, if any, etc.


Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hire a personal injury lawyer from if you have any questions or need help with your claim, as an attorney is your best bet to get a fair settlement of your injuries and material damages. An experienced attorney will know how to build a strong case and negotiate with the insurance company. They will also be able to handle all of the paperwork and legal details so that you can focus on your recovery.

Personal injury lawyers know the value of your claim and will fight for the best possible outcome. They will also make sure that you do not settle for less than you are entitled to. Never try to negotiate with the insurance company on your own, as they will likely take advantage of you.

Avoid Admitting Fault

Do not give the insurance company any reason to think that you were at fault for the accident. Do not say so if you think you may have been partially responsible for a car crash. Instead, let your lawyer handle all communications with the insurance company.

Be careful of what you say to the adjuster. They are trained to get you to say things they can later use against you. Also, do not sign anything without consulting with your lawyer first. Finally, remember that the insurance company is not on your side and is looking for any reason to deny or reduce your claim.

Understand Your Claim Value

It is vital to have a clear understanding of the value of your claim before beginning negotiations. The insurance company will likely make you an initial offer that is much lower than what you are entitled to. They do this in the hopes that you will accept it without knowing any better.

Understand Losses Associated with the Personal Injury

Many types of losses can be associated with a personal injury. These include:

  • medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • pain and suffering
  • emotional distress
  • loss of consortium

Do not let the insurance company lowball you on any of these damages. But, if they do, be sure to have documentation to back up your claims

Emphasize Emotional Damages

Emotional damages are often more challenging to quantify than economic damages. However, they can be just as impactful on your life. So be sure to emphasize the emotional toll the accident has taken on you and your family.

If the injury or accident led to anxiety, depression, PTSD, or flashbacks, mention these to the insurance company. These emotional damages can significantly impact your life and should be compensated accordingly.

Do Not Rush to Accept the First Offer

The first offer from the insurance company is almost always low. They do this in the hopes that you will accept it without knowing any better. Do not take the first offer without consulting with a lawyer first.

You should also avoid accepting any quick settlements. These are usually much lower than what you are entitled to. The insurance company will often pressure you to take a quick settlement but resist this temptation.

Have a Medical Report

Your medical report will be a key piece of evidence in your case. Get a detailed report from your doctor outlining all of your injuries and how they have impacted your life.

The insurance company will use this report to determine the value of your claim. If you do not have a solid medical report, it will be more difficult to get the total value of your claim.

Put All Agreements in Writing

Once you have reached an agreement with the insurance company, write it. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications down the road. If the insurance company tries to change the terms of the agreement after you have already agreed to it, consult with a lawyer before signing anything.

Avoid Social Media

Do not post anything about your accident or injuries on social media. The insurance company will likely monitor your social media accounts and use anything you post against you. Set your privacy settings to the highest level possible if you must use social media.


Spanish Speaking Car Accident Lawyer in Houston, Texas

Spanish-speaking individuals can have a more difficult time seeking justice in their personal injury cases due to language barriers. This causes them to not take action against those who have left them with financial devastation and physical trauma. At the Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers, our team refuses to let a language barrier affect your right to justice and compensation. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and is in need of Spanish-speaking legal advice, our team is here for you.

Personal Injury Law Office in Houston, Texas

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury, experienced loss of income, or are unable to work due to a car accident, you can benefit from the services of a Houston car accident expert in your personal injury case. Whether you missed work due to an injury or due to not having access to a vehicle, Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers can help you!


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