Should I Drive With a Dash Cam?

Should I Drive With a Dash Cam

These days, more and more drivers are choosing to install dash cams in their vehicles to protect themselves in the case of an accident or other dangerous circumstance. These cameras have the ability to track the precise moment a vehicle slams into you, show if another driver was acting recklessly, and prove your own innocence if you are following all laws and find yourself being accused of something you did not do.

This has led many drivers to wonder if they should drive with a dash cam. While it may not be worth it for someone with a short daily commute, individuals who drive long distances regularly, or use their vehicles for work may get more use out of having a dash cam installed.

The Dash Cam

A dash cam is usually a camera mounted on the dashboard and is intended to film all that occurs when an individual drives. When the vehicle is started, the cam captures video straight to an SD card on an unceasing loop, so it has the same perspective as the driver. While numerous cameras record sound, some have night vision recording and others contain built-in GPS to show where actions are recorded. The quality of the footage can depend on a number of factors, including the technology used, road conditions, weather conditions and the information captured.

Insurance Company Use

Insurance agencies often use video footage to supplement evidence in claims, assess a particular case or assist with an investigation. These videos are used for both examination of what occurred when the accident arose as well as individual personal actions after the accident occurred. This allows insurance adjusters to determine exactly how injuries have affected a person and if they are able to perform workplace duties or regular activities in conjunction with injuries. This type of evidence can help insurance companies avoid fraudulent or exaggerated claims.

Permitted Video

Some states allow video capture with the car inside police vehicles, and this video may be used to prove guilt or innocence. The cameras have been studied by police to determine how and when these devices are most appropriate. They have found them to be ideal with assistance in activities both in neighborhoods as well as traffic.

Weight of Video

Many recordings are not used due to the gray area of what is allowed and what is not. For insurance claims and cases, photos and eye witness testimony often carry greater weight. Insurance companies may only be able to use part of the video recorded due to specific details. The film may show what happened, but it will not show how it occurred. The how is often vital to claims. Where video is blurry or out of focus, this evidence might be outright rejected. Accidents and criminal activity need to be captured directly to assist in claims and cases.

Is Your Dashboard Camera Footage Legal in Court?

The law surrounding dash cam videos vary between states. In Texas, you are allowed to use dash cam footage as long as you have the permission of any individual that appears in your video. Working with an experienced car accident attorney to review the footage can help you to determine if the footage can help your case.

Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers provides no-cost, no-obligation consultations with all of her clients. If you have dash cam footage from your car accident, bring it with you when you come in for a consultation at our law office. We will review the footage to determine if it can be used in your case.

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