Top Reasons To Hire A Lawyer After A Car Accident in Houston

Top Reasons To Hire A Lawyer After A Car Accident in Houston

Whenever we are involved in car accidents, a lot of us shift our main focus onto healing and getting our body’s back into good condition. So, it may not occur to you how important and useful hiring a lawyer can be in your situation. Don’t get stuck paying for someone else’s mistake.


Here are the top reasons why, you should hire and lawyer after a car accident:

  1. Knowing The Law: it’s fair to say, if you are not a lawyer, judge, or work for an auto insurance company, there is a pretty good chance you don’t know all the laws surrounding your situation. Each state has a different criteria for handling car accident disputes.

  2. Clock is Ticking: You have a limited amount of time available to you to sue or go after a higher settlement. While each state sets their limitations, the timeline normally lasts between one and two years.

  3. The Fine Print: Often time, if your intending to sue, your state will have certain rules that must be followed in order to get it to court. You may have to have a police report filed, give a certain amount of notice, or something else similar. Working with an attorney who already knows the law and has done this before will help tremendously.

  4. Selling Yourself Short: If you are not familiar with how car accident cases work, you may only ask for the bare minimum and still end up out of pocket for damages. Working with an experienced attorney to understand all of your potential damages could make a huge difference.

  5. Complex Rules: There is a lot of needed paperwork, legal jargon and complex rules to suing someone in court. Going in with a lawyer who specializes in these things allows you a lot more peace of mind.

  6. Insurance Companies Are Bullies: Plain and simple, insurance companies are only out to protect themselves. They want to cover who they insure with the bare minimum in damages. Work with a lawyer who won’t be bullied.

  7. Settlement Options: Most commonly in cases like this, insurance companies will choose to settle outside of court. This can be tricky because you may get talked into thinking you are making the right choice. Once a settlement is accepted there is no going back, the case has been seen through.

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