What Is the Process of Filing an Auto Claim in Texas?

What Is the Process of Filing an Auto Claim in Texas

Have you been involved in a car accident and are unsure of what all is involved when filing a claim? We can help you. Attorney Caruthers is an experienced car accident lawyer that provides free consultations to those who have been involved in car accidents. Call us today to find out more about the process of filing a claim in Texas.

Listed below is a guideline of what to expect when filing an auto claim:

The Value of the Claim

Before the victim of a car accident in the state of Texas is able to settle the claim, he or she will need to know what the value is worth. This understanding requires the services of a lawyer that has experience with building and backing a claim against the at-fault driver in a car accident. Knowing all the factors and calculating the numbers is crucial. The lawyer will need to also include the medical treatment, loss of income while the victim is in recovery and all the pain and suffering the accident caused. If the car suffers property damage, this can also increase the value of the claim.

Evidence to Back the Claim

Both the lawyer and the client will need to gather evidence to back the claim and increase the strength against the at-fault driver. This will involve collecting picture or video captures of the scene and interviewing witnesses. Weather details, road construction, the maintenance of the location and any defects with the vehicles involved are all important aspects of the claim as well. Strong evidence is imperative when seeking to enter negotiations to settle the matter with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. With sufficient strength in the claim, the lawyer has a better argument for full and reasonable compensation to the victim.

Handling the Insurance Adjuster

It is not a good idea to attempt to handle the settlement with an insurance company without legal professional help. The lawyer knows what to say to the carrier and the adjuster that will assess the situation. Without the services of legal representation, it is possible to give too much information away or give a written or spoken statement that the company can use against the victim. The adjuster knows what to look for and will offer a low number that is often not enough to cover recovery expenses. Additionally, the carrier will attempt to use the facts in a way that can manipulate the victim into accepting a lowball offer.

Representation for the Accident Claim

The victim of a Texas car accident will usually need a lawyer to help discover how to proceed and settle the matter with as little expense and time necessary. The person will need legal representation to provide the correct and most appropriate details to the insurance carrier and to enter into the negotiations. The lawyer can also explain how to write and present a demand letter. A legal professional can determine the value of the claim and help the client understand how much compensation to pursue. He or she will also explain that the first offer from the other party is usually the lowest possible and not what the carrier is willing to provide in the end.

Settling the Claim with Legal Support

To settle the car accident claim in Texas, the victim will need to hire a lawyer and pursue the matter legally. This involves determining the value, investigating the facts and acquiring evidence. The claim must start before the mandatory two-year statute of limitations is over for personal injury claims in Texas. The plaintiff will need the accident report, medical records to verify the injury and connection to the accident, collect the loss of income statements and gather all related evidence. He or she will need to follow several steps to resolve the matter and hire a lawyer to start the claim in the courts.

With strong evidence behind him or her, the plaintiff can enter settlement negotiations through a legal professional. The lawyer will contact the other driver’s insurance company to start these meetings. The legal representative will work hard to acquire the most possible compensation based on the value of the claim which he or she will verify with the carrier through evidence. Then, the two parties will need to conclude the negotiations.

The Texas Car Accident Lawyer

Settling the car accident in Texas requires a knowledgeable lawyer with experience in car accidents and all factors that are part of these claims. He or she will need to contact the insurance company and start negotiations when the value of the clam is understood and then seek the most possible based on this value.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston, Texas

If you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident and suffered an injury, experienced loss of income, or are unable to work due to a car accident, you can benefit from the services of a Houston car accident expert in your personal injury case. Whether you missed work due to an injury or due to not having access to a vehicle, Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers can help you!


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