How to Handle an Arrest in Houston


Don’t Answer Questions

Everyone knows that when you are arrested you have the right to remain silent. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the best thing you can do after an arrest is exercise that right and stay quiet until you have a lawyer present. There’s a good chance if you find yourself in a situation where you are being arrested your emotions will be high and you won’t be thinking clearly. The last thing you want to do is talk yourself into a corner before you have your day in court.


Do NOT Resist!

Resisting an arrest, even if it’s later ruled an unlawful arrest is the most dangerous choice someone being detained can make. Even subtle force or resistance can result in an additional charge ranging from resisting arrest to assault on an officer. It’s always smarter and more effective to fight your charge in a courtroom, where there is no physical threat, than in the streets.


After You Are In Custody

Once you’re arrested, you will most likely be searched at the scene and then again once you arrive to jail. All evidence, paraphernalia and property on you will be seized by the arresting officer. You then must be processed into the system. You will be photographed and fingerprinted before being booked.


Use Phone Time Productively

In Texas, you have the right to make a phone call. Use this time to either reach out to someone close to you who can help get you processed out, contact a bail bondsman or attorney on your own. The state will provide you with an attorney if you can’t afford one. Something to keep in mind while using the jail’s phone is that they have the right to monitor and record everything you say, unless speaking to your lawyer, so stay mindful and choose who you talk to and what you say carefully.


Don’t Make Deals Without A Lawyer

It doesn’t matter how innocent you know you are, the state has arrested you and is trying to build a case against you. Anything they offer you or ask of you may come with strings attached and that’s not a gamble worth taking. Do not participate in questioning, a lineup or anything else in regards to your case without having your lawyer present.



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