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Personal Injury 

In a personal injury case, if you’ve been the victim of an injury, received damage to your property or experienced another kind of bereavement, you have the right to fight for compensation. This compensation is most commonly referred to as “damages.” 


What Warrants Compensation? 

When it comes to receiving compensation for medical treatment, property damage and legal fees it tends to be easy to place a monetary value on the damage. However, there are several other factors that go into being compensated after an accident that aren’t as clear cut. The goal is to be compensated not only for property damage and bills but to take a comprehensive look at how the accident has impacted your life to determine what you are entitled to.  


 Types of Compensatory Damages 

Medical Bills: This is the most standard compensation associated with a personal injury. Generally, you will receive the total cost you have paid and a settled amount for future medical treatment you may need due to the associated injury. 

Salary: If you were unable to work for a period of time or lost your job due to the injury you are entitled to compensation. You are not only permitted to receive the money for missed time but also for future issues that may arrive. If you are unable to continue working in the field you were in prior to the injury then you are also eligible for future wages. 

Property Damage: Vehicles, personal belongings and anything else that may have been damaged during the accident can be factored into compensation at market value. 

Pain and Suffering: Compensation for all discomfort, mental and physical, suffered during or after the accident are taken into account when trying to determine what you are owed. Have you lost your ability to enjoy normal activities? Is it hard to participate in day-to-day tasks with your family? All of this is factored in. 

Loss of consortium: Most commonly, “loss of consortium,” is a measure of the impact the injuries have had on the plaintiff and their spouse. It can range from lack of companionship to inability to maintain a healthy and active sexual relationship. 


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