How Social Media Can Ruin Your Lawsuit in Houston

How Social Media Can Ruin Your Lawsuit in Houston

Everyone knows social media has the ability to negatively influence your life, from trying to get into college, to landing a professional job, and everything in between. However, even with this knowledge, social media affecting your legal status seems to be a less widely anticipated problem. Not only can you incriminate yourself by openly committing a crime and posting about it. You also can forfeit an otherwise strong lawsuit through your social media posts, as innocent as they may seem.


It is also important to note, that just because you have your privacy settings adjusted to keep those who you are not friends with from being able to access your account, this does not mean you are safe.


Below is a list of the ways your social media account has the ability to ruin your personal injury lawsuit, following a car accident:


What You Say May Be Misconstrued As An Admission of Fault: As we have mentioned in previous blogs, after an accident most people are flustered and their emotions run high. They may do things that feel innocent, such as apologize, or talk out loud (or in this case write online) trying to put the pieces together. Explaining their take on the factors leading up to the moment of the accident. This is never a good idea while in a legal battle. The insurance company you are going up against will have a strong legal team that is going through your social media accounts with a fine tooth comb. They will be searching for any mention of the accident, even saying something as simple as, “I did not see them until it was too late,” can be used against you.


Your Previous Posts Can Be Used To Defame Your Character: The insurance company’s main goal will be to minimize your claims and they are not afraid to play dirty. They will dig up every post they can to drag your name through the mud to paint you as a careless individual. It is always a good idea to disable your social media accounts until your lawsuit is completed.


Your Activities May Be Used To Minimize Your Injuries: While we understand your life must go on following an accident, insurance companies will jump at the chance to show you are not injured. This means attending your child’s school play, having dinner with family in town, and other simple tasks that may make their way to social media can be used against you to provide evidence that you are not injured.


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