Personal Injury Consultation Lawyer Houston

Personal Injury Consultation Lawyer Houston

The Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers works with those who have been injured due to someone else’s negligent actions. Our legal team helps you navigate your personal injury claim by providing quality legal representation throughout your entire case. We work with you to go against insurance companies to cover the cost of your medical bills and recover compensation for your pain and suffering in Houston, Texas.

Medical expenses, while one of the primary financial strains you will face, are just the beginning when it comes to getting the money you deserve in your personal injury case. When you take on the burden of representing yourself throughout your case, you may miss out on getting the amount of money you truly deserve.

Attorney Caruthers is an experienced Houston personal injury attorney. She has represented clients for more than three decades, ensuring their personal injury lawsuits and cases are handled with care and dedication. Do not miss out on the money you deserve, instead reach out to our personal injury law firm for a free consultation. We will go over the key factors of your case and determine how we can help you move forward with your claim.


Should I Hire An Attorney?

The best way to determine if an attorney can help you through your personal injury case is by scheduling a consultation. During your no-cost, no-obligation personal injury consultation, our team will be able to learn more about the details of your car accident. This will allow us to gain important insight into your specific situation. If we are able to help you get the compensation you deserve, we can outline to you our strategy for your case. At this time you will be able to determine if you would like to use our help to move forward in your case or handle the personal injury claim on your own.

Listed below are some of the top reasons to consider hiring an attorney for your car accident or personal injury case:

A Car Accident Attorney Knows the Law

Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you after a car accident means you will have a professional working for you—one who is extremely knowledgeable about the relevant laws and procedural rules that may affect your case.

An attorney can advise you of the shared fault rules in your state and how they might affect your case if your own negligence might have played a part in causing the accident. (Get the basics on fault for a car accident.)

An attorney will also be familiar with time limits (called statutes of limitations) that can bar you from filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. For instance, in many states you must file your lawsuit within two years of your car accident, or you’ll lose the right to take the matter to court. An attorney will also be able to inform you about any special exceptions to the statute of limitations—for minors, for example.

Your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf and will know how best to mitigate any possible defenses raised by the other side. In addition, once your case gets underway, your lawyer will play an invaluable role in preparing your case for trial—and even going to trial if your case doesn’t settle.

Even though a lawsuit is rarely necessary, the threat of legal action offers strong leverage when negotiating a fair settlement.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, having an attorney who is knowledgeable about the law evens the playing field, especially when you are going up against the experience and vast resources of a large insurance company.

A Lawyer Does the Legwork In Your Car Accident Claim

A lot of work goes into negotiating an insurance settlement, not to mention trying a personal injury lawsuit. After you’ve been in a car accident, taking on this time-consuming work might be the last thing you want to do, assuming you’re able. Handing things over to an experienced lawyer can take a lot of worry away.

Whereas this may be your first time dealing with the ins and outs of an accident claim, injury attorneys have dealt with all manner of claims and have faced the gamut of insurance company tactics. They have experience obtaining the necessary evidence to support your claim, including gathering police reports, witness statements, medical records and bills, and employment and lost wage information.

Your attorney will also be able to organize the evidence and prepare a settlement demand letter for the insurance company. If you are unable to settle your accident case, your attorney can take care of filing the necessary paperwork to start a court case and can deal with the defense attorneys on your behalf. Having a seasoned professional navigate the day to day work of your case eases the burden on you so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

A Car Accident Attorney Advocates for Your Best Result

Perhaps the most important role a car accident attorney plays is that of advocate. This means acting on your behalf and with your best interests in mind at every stage of the claim process. Whether it’s dealing with a car insurance company or presenting your case to a judge or jury, your attorney will be your champion, making sure your side of the story is heard and that you are compensated for all of your losses.

When you’re ready to find the right car accident attorney for you and your case, you can use the chat and information submission tools right on this page to connect with a legal professional near you. You can also learn more about hiring the right injury lawyer.


Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury, experienced loss of income, or are unable to work due to a car accident, you can benefit from the services of a Houston car accident expert in your personal injury case. Whether you missed work due to an injury or due to not having access to a vehicle, Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers can help you!

Our team works hard to bring the most efficient and practical solutions to your car accident case. Beverly R. Caruthers proudly serves and defends the Greater Houston area including but not limited to Baytown, Conroe, Crosby, Humble, Huntsville, Lake Jackson, Missouri City, Pasadena, Spring, Tomball.



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