Why Shouldn’t I Trust Insurance Companies?

Why Shouldn't I Trust Insurance Companies

Imagine this, you are driving home from work after a long day and are exhausted. You spend 30 minutes in traffic on the interstate before finally taking the exit leading to your home. You wait patiently for your light to turn green and when it does, you cross the intersection, when BAM- you are hit by a reckless driver who has failed to obey traffic laws. Your vehicle is smashed, glass is everywhere, and the other driver is completely, with no debate, at-fault for your accident. You can feel that your arm is injured and blood is dripping from your face. Police and ambulance show up, the officer at the scene writes the other driver a ticket and helps you get into the ambulance. Seeking fair compensation for your injuries should be a breeze, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, no matter how clear cut the responsibility of the accident is, seeking fair compensation for the damages and injuries you have obtained is not always easy. In fact, it can be a downright struggle in order to get the treatment you deserve. This is why working with an experienced personal injury attorney, such as Beverly R. Caruthers can be the difference between you getting a fair shot and compensation and being left footing your own medical bills.


Instead of communicating with the at-fault party’s insurance company, reach out to the Law Office of Beverly R. Caruthers as soon as possible. Attorney Caruthers will help you to avoid falling into any predatory traps insurance companies may lead you into. Many people make the mistake of cooperating and being honest with insurance companies, without realizing they are signing over their person records and information so that it can be twisted and manipulated to minimize their claims to personal injury. Insurance companies have teams of people lined up whose only mission is to work vigorously to drag up every piece of information they can about you, including pre existing injuries or conditions, so they can minimize your claim to injury. These malicious companies will draw parallels between your previous conditions and your current problems, to explain away why you are in pain, so they do not have to foot the bill for your medical expenses.


Working with Attorney Caruthers will help you walk to line of cooperating with the at-fault party’s insurance, while protecting your personal information from being used against you. We suggest having your doctor begin a new file when it comes to treating you, following your accident. This way only information pertaining to post-accident injuries and treatment will be recorded and shared.  Do not become a victim to insurance companies, instead protect your rights with the help of Houston’s most experienced personal injury attorney, Beverly R. Caruthers, today!


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