Fatal Accident Attorney in Spring TX

Fatal Accident Attorney in Spring TX

Wrongful Death Attorney in Spring TX

Have you recently lost someone you love due to the reckless or negligent behaviors of another? Sometimes this main mean the direct actions of an individual, while other times this may mean the actions brought on by a group or business. The legal term used to describe this event is, “wrongful death.” Whenever you have a claim for a wrongful death, it means you have directly been impacted by the loss of your loved one and are seeking compensation on their behalf fir the emotional and financial devastation their death has caused you. Most often, wrongful death claims and lawsuits are brought on by family members of the deceased, such as spouses, parents, and children.


Wrongful death cases typically are reliant on the four main factors listed below:

Breach of Duty: If someone such as a doctor, or a company, is unable to provide their service or duty owed to you, in a safe and sufficient manner, they are breaching their duty. There are many variables that can make this hard to prove, but if there is proof the death was caused from them not serving you properly, this is grounds for a wrongful death case.


Negligence: There are many forms of negligence that can lead to a wrongful death claim. A great example is when someone chooses not to abide by traffic laws, neglecting safety, and then causes a fatal car accident. Whenever this happens, contact Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers to ensure you are doing everything you can to get the justice you deserve.


Causation: Being able to prove the defendant’s actions of negligence or recklessness, caused the death of your loved one. Depending on your situation this can be done in multiple different ways and is best to be left to an Attorney to outline the events.


Damages: In order to seek compensation for the death of someone you will need to able to prove you have experienced substantial financial loss. This can include the costs of medical attention, burial, loss of income, and more. Working with Attorney Caruthers will help to ensure you are looking at your case from every perspective and are not missing out on potential claims of financial loss.


Wrongful Death Claims in Spring TX

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