Best Car Accident Attorney Lake Jackson Texas

Best Car Accident Attorney Lake Jackson Texas

Lake Jackson, Texas is a bustling town located South of Houston. It’s accessible by Highway 288 (South Freeway).  Many residents travel the to Houston for work and others travel from Houston to work in the many petrochemical plants near and around Lake Jackson.  Unfortunately, a record number of car accidents have occurred along the South Freeway corridor. Drivers brave the pathway daily, cautioning in everyway. Despite the care, someone’s oversight and/or negligence causes an unfortunate car accident.  Many are left with catastrophic injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence.


For over twenty years, the Law Office of Beverly R Caruthers has championed car accident cases for clients in Lake Jackson, Texas and other surrounding areas.  Attorney Caruthers is known as a fighting tough lawyer. If you’ve been injured in a car accident there are several things you must do in order to position yourself and your case.


First, immediately after the accident, call 911.  You’ll want the police to come out and record the accident and most importantly have EMTs make a medical assessment of your injuries.  If you’re able to walk and speak with out complication, the next step is to call your attorney. She will help with the maze of issues that have to be done as a result of your car accident.  From medical services, insurance forms and representing your cause and claim; your car accident attorney can assist you in getting things done. More importantly, she can help you secure compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering.


Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers has experience working with insurance companies and knows how to get the very best for her clients in car accident claims.  Insurance companies know that Attorney Caruthers provides excellence in her cases and in her efforts to represent her clients. Insurance companies know she will demand everything that is owed to her clients. If you’ve been injured in is car accident in Lake Jackson, Texas, it’s important to contact an attorney right away.   IF you’ve been injured in a car accident contact Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers. She is the car accident attorney in Lake Jackson, Texas.


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