What To Do After An Accident in Pasadena TX

What To Do After An Accident in Pasadena TX
Car accidents are always inconvenient and unplanned for. They are terrible events that disrupt our daily lives and have the potential to leave us with long term serious consequences. Car accidents must be handled delicately to protect yourself and ensure you are treated fairly. Unfortunately, in these highly emotional and disorienting situations many people find it difficult to keep composure and often make mistakes that can make it difficult for them to get the compensation and legal justice they deserve. The best way to prepare for a car accident is by arming yourself with the knowledge of what to do after you are involved in one.


-Don’t Panic, Stay Calm and Stay At The Scene 
In the state of Texas it is illegal to flee the scene of a crime without first talking to the other parties involved in the accident. It does not matter who is at fault, stay at the scene until you have resolved the incident with the other party. If you leave the scene when someone has suffered an injury or lost their life you will be facing serious criminal charges that can be avoided by remaining calm and cooperating with everyone involved at the scene.


-Safety First
Cars are valuable and often expensive property but the lives and safety of you, your passengers and any other party that was involved in the incident must always take top priority. Before accessing property damage, accepting, or placing blame check on the safety of everyone at scene. Make sure they are physically and mentally stable as well as secure before moving forward dealing with anything else. If a person is not conscious, in shock, or complaining of physical pain, do not move them. Have them wait as motionless as possible and call  an emergency service professional to arrive.


-Call The Police
If the police aren’t at the scene, call them. File a detailed police report, exchange information with the officers and make sure you get their names and badge numbers so future contact can be handled without hassle.


-Trade Information
Take down the information of every single party present at the scene of the incident. You need to get a detailed profile recorded on everyone present. Write down names, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, insurance information, car make and model.


Do Not Take Fault
It may seem polite, innocent or natural to apologize after an incident but by doing so you may be admitting legal liability. You need time to collect yourself and get a clear head before determining who is at fault in order to have a fair claim.


-Contact Your Insurance Company
Before leaving the scene, call an insurance agent. They will ask you for all of the information they need to complete your claim. Make sure you are clear, consistent and honest. If they suspect you of lying or trying to skirt the system you can be denied coverage.


-Pictures for Evidence
You want to build a strong case for your insurance company so you can be compensated fairly.Use your phone to take as many photos of the accident as you can.


-Call Your Attorney
Insurance companies, while vital to society, are trained to settle for as little money as possible. Navigating their system alone can be overwhelming and draining. Having an experienced attorney, such as Beverly R. Caruthers represent you will ensure your inclusion and understanding in your case.


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