Why You Shouldn’t Sign Insurance Releases Pasadena TX

Why You Shouldn't Sign Insurance Releases in Pasadena TX

Lots of people think it is a harmless and even necessary to sign insurance releases and authorizations following a car accident. This is not the case at all! In fact, signing over an insurance release or giving authorization to an insurance company to have access to your personal information, such as medical history is never a good idea. This is because insurance companies work hard to minimize your claims. Whenever you sign over your information you are actually helping minimize your claim by:


-Giving away precious and private information

-Signing away your claims and rights


Insurance companies are trained to manipulate you into signing blank releases that allow them access to all of your medical records. Whenever you allow insurance companies this kind of freedom with your private information you are putting your claim in danger. This is because they will work tirelessly to drag up every piece of information in your past that relates to any injury or issue you have had. They will then draw parallels between your previous conditions and your current problems, to explain away the fact that your injuries are related to your accident.This allows them to minimize or deny your claim, causing you to have to pay for all medical treatment out of pocket, adding insult to injury.


There are ways around signing over all of your medical information while still cooperating with insurance companies. You can either request for a new file to be started following an accident, and only add information to the file that directly pertains to post-accident injuries and treatment. Your other option is to ask your doctors to provide you with your medical records and then hand picking which parts of your records you wish to share with the insurance companies.


This can all be complicated and you may feel bullied or pressured by insurance companies to succumb to their wishes and grant them full access to your records. Instead, contact Attorney Beverly R. Caruthers. She will stand firm against these insurance companies and make sure they only get the information they need, protecting your privacy and claim.


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